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Residential Development


Since 1990, the Villar group has built an expertise in initiating and developing large-scale residential projects.


The company builds residential neighborhoods in both apartment complex and high end residential communities, while emphasizing on environmental development including public building and vast green areas for the welfare of the residents.

The company is dedicated to providing only the highest quality of construction and environmental development. The company’s team accompanied the client with personal and professional service.

Residential Development

The Villar Group operates as an entrepreneurial company and contractor in the dynamic market of residential construction throughout the country, and holds a contractor license for construction engineering work at the highest level, classification C-5.

In recent years, the group has initiated and established significant residential construction projects, including the “Green Nahariya” neighborhood in Nahariya, where more than 1,500 units have been built in recent decades. They are joined by another 300 units in the “Villar Towers” built by the group The rowers in Tirat Carmel as part of the “price per occupant” program, about 100 units in “Villar on the Park” in Or Akiva, the construction of a prestigious residential building in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood and a prestigious evacuation-construction project “Baron Hirsch Boulevard” in Ramat Aviv Green in Tel Aviv.

In recent years, the group’s entrepreneurial and contracting activities have also expanded to Romania, where the Vida Herastrau residential project in Bucharest has been established to the tune of about 100 housing units.

Along with the experience and engineering reputation that Villar has gained over the years and the uncompromising quality of workmanship, the group approaches any such project with great consideration and consideration for customers’ needs, fair and respectful dialogue with tenants, and understanding that for many it is the most significant deal in their lives.

HaBaron Hirsch 1-3-5

Vida, Bucharest

Green Villar, Nahariya

HaBaron Hirsch, Tel Aviv

Green Nahariya

Villar on the Park, Or Akiva