Archive Storage & Logistics

The Villar group through daughter-companies is largest provider in Israel of sophisticated archive and storage services. The company stores all types of media including papers, magnetic media and x-rays. The archive companies from the Villar group are known to give first-class services to their clients. The archive is run with the most advanced methods in the world while using inventive logistic centers.

The company has vast logistic centers of more than 40,000 square meters equipped with:

  • Advanced control and management systems.
  • Protective means against time and nature damage on the stored material.
  • Advanced computer system that allows efficient control over all the stored material in the archive.

The archive methods assure complete confidentially and full control over each stored item.

As for now the company holds over 70 million files for about 4,500 clients including: banks, health systems, law firms and government offices.