Villar international Ltd. Was founded in 1975 as an Israeli construction company. In 1989, the company was acquired by Mr. Shlomo Tisser, who currently serves as the company's CEO and is the majority shareholder of the company.

Following the reorganization of a group of company controlled by Mr. Tisser, the shares of Villar international were offered to the public. The company issued on the Tel Aviv stock exchange in April 1993.

During the first years since the acquiring, the company was involved in building and acquiring industrial and residence real state. Since the year 2000 the company expanded here range of activities to other fields: archive and storage services, entrepreneurship of real state abroad and construction and safety equipment.

Villar will continue to expand her activates in existing and similar fields, mainly in the range of real state and construction in Israel and abroad, all of this during emphasizing on the company financial strength and enlargement of the company equity capital.