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About Villar

Villar International Ltd. is a publicly traded company operating in the fields of construction, entrepreneurship and income-producing real estate. Over the past five decades, we have developed and built properties all over Israel and abroad. Our total market value on TASE (The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) is $2.8 billion, as of the end of 2022.

Villar International Ltd. was established in 1975. In 1989 it was acquired by Shlomo Tisser, who has since served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and controlling shareholder.  The company went public in March 1993 (TASE:VILR), and has been continuously growing ever since While operating in a competitive and dynamic market, Villar International Ltd. maintains a creative business and entrepreneurial approach, ensuring financial stability.

Since its issuing, Villar International Ltd. has taken substantial steps to expand its focus on income-producing real estate. It provides archival services, residential and industrial real estate development and construction, construction equipment rental, and more.

The Villar Group is committed to providing customers with tailor-made quality, creative, innovative, and sophisticated solutions, while maintaining business trustworthiness and honesty.


The Villar Group considers its human capital to be one of its most significant and valuable assets – our hundreds of employees, planners, external consultants and suppliers have worked closely with the company for many years. The added value of the human capital, its long-standing professionalism, reliability, and transparent demeanor, enables Villar and the Group’s companies to constantly grow in this competitive market, while relying on solid foundations. 

Along with our business endeavors and as part of our concern for tomorrow’s Israeli society, the Villar Group maintains close ties with local communities, especially in peripheral areas. By supporting social organizations, Villar aims to narrow social gaps.

Our areas of activity